What’s My Motivation?

Posted by Gerry Hudson-Martin on Jan 25, 2017 7:00:00 AM


People have asked me why I partnered with Chief Learning Officer magazine and other industry experts to develop the CLO Accelerator, an intensive “crash course” for high-potential professionals either aspiring or new to senior-level learning leadership. You might be wondering the same thing.

The short answer: It’s not easy being a learning leader in today’s fast-paced and volatile business world. CLOs need all the information, insight, skills, competencies and in-depth understanding of what the role demands they can get — both for the sake of their organizations and their own careers.

That’s my motivation and that’s exactly what CLO Accelerator is designed to deliver.

Based on extensive research and intense conversations with some of the L&D industry’s most esteemed and experienced practitioners, we created a modular curriculum that provides a high-level, life-changing educational experience in just a day and a half. For the select — and intentionally small — class of students, the power comes from intimate and collaborative instruction, problem solving and dialogue led by a remarkable faculty of senior learning leaders.

Sound like something that could make a significant difference in your own professional future or that of someone in your organization poised to become a driving force for learning? I encourage you to download the CLO Accelerator Course Overview and check out the website for program details and registration.

The pace of change necessary today is so great that having a robust and flexible learning organization is a critical business factor. Being a leader who is able to anticipate and rapidly move the enterprise’s skill set to a new initiative or a new strategic direction is the ultimate role and goal of the truly effective chief learning officer. CLO Accelerator exponentially increases the chances of continued career progress and impact.

I think many of us in L&D leadership would have welcomed an opportunity to experience this kind of high-touch, high-caliber professional development early in our careers. It really can be life changing. If you have additional questions or curiosity about the CLO Accelerator or want to know if it’s right for you, please reach out to me at I’d be delighted to tell you more.

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